Jacobytes 360°+180° Rotating Magnetic Mobile Phone Charging Cable

Item number: 5065002719171
  • The Jacobytes magnetic USB charging head can be rotated 540° which makes charging more convenient while using your device and precisely connects to your phone easily.
  • LED to let you know when your phone is charging.
  • The cable allows you to conveniently charge multiple devices compatible with USB Type C, Micro USB (5 pin) and iPhone with a single cable.

  • The magnetic charging cable allows you to connect the cable with one hand for on/off charging which is safe and convenient for drivers.

  • Flexible, sturdy, tangle free and durable nylon braided cord tested with more than 10,000+ bend lifespan.

  • Available in black, red and purple.
  • Cable is for charging only not data transfer
  • Package includes cable and 3 heads.