SATA 15 Pin Male to 2 x SATA 15 Pin Female Power Splitter 20cm

Item number: 5065002719010
  • Jacobytes branded SATA Power Splitter.
  • 1x15 pin male to 2x15 pin female SATA splitter power cable.
  • Ideal for SATA devices such as HDD, SSD, CD or DVD rom drives as well as fans and coolers.
  • This is an ideal solution if you PC power supply doesn’t have enough SATA power sockets to power your new device.
  • Simply plug the male end into an available socket on your computer PSU and you then have two sockets available for your devices.
  • Pure copper 18AWG cables.
  • Length 20cm end to end.
  • EAN 5065002719010